Welcome to a world of trading power tools that retail has only dreamed of... until now.

From moment one, Quant Culture is about accessing tools that allow us, as traders and technology experts, to make "extraordinary claims" regarding the power of what we offer.

Local databases are being built overnight (6 hours compile time) to fully optimized this particular test strategy I've chosen specifically as a control method for HERMES in order to compare our proprietary algos against.

HERMES has is fully prepared to start trading QuantCultures Strategies, trading plans and methods, serving as a fantastic coach, benchmark, and light OPM on fire.

This introduction quickly and clearly shows how comprehensive the "extraordinary evidence" is that backs up our claims.

Introducing QuantCulture

Our Core Concept was simple to develop and became readily obvious in about 2014: Only the most comprehensive approach to financial market analysis tool development and trader education that included all the most powerful tools, even the mythos of Quantitative Analysis and "Black Boxes" would allow a retail trader the best possible chance at finding what makes them successful in the shortest amount of time. Six years later, countless hours and all-nighter by a core team of world class talent including in the fields of AI and self-organizing systems and we are finally able to present you that vision: a Culture of trading with a level of quality that simply cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

Our Products

To kill two birds with one stone, this particular strategy is a a "Bollinger Band constrained 'ZigZag' and I hope SOON our students will start to see quickly why a zigzag is a quant apporach; its beautifully simple and works INCREDIBLY well when combined with trend measuring tools of any type almost. Again, We understand we're up against a LOT of empty promise made to the trading education community about services that promise to effectively use these tools; This was the test optimization the CEO personally ran before committing to a 6 hour database build.

We are BEAMING to finally be able to fling open the doors to the true "power tools" of trading including 1) true, institutional grade quantitative analysis and optimization of all our products and teaching methods 2) Risk and Account Management tools all quantitatively optimized for the individual trader so each student's path forward and hopeful account growth will no longer be the slightest bit murky 3) HERMES, our fully automated option trading CLEARBOX is trading our strategies without bias, fear or greed; helping ALL traders set for themselves a truly neutral, realistic and achievable performance benchmark. 4) Finally Emergent AI has been woven into the fabric of this platform, this website, and user experience design in order to meet our goal of Quant Culture being unmatched in education and trading product quality and comprehensive design- only Culture was the right word.

We're coming, we're coming SOON, and we're the real deal.


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